We are in the business of research and develop High Speed Countercurrent Chromatography (HSCCC) techniques and as well as industrial equipment since 2008. Our hemp customers are mainly hemp plantation and processing companies located in China and U.S.

    We offer 5L (SuperChrome-5L), 33L (MegaChrome-33L), 100L (MegaChrome-100L) HSCCC equipment, and as well as the total solutions for the CBD purification and THC separation of broad spectrum CBD oil.

  • SuperChrome-5L + CBD purification & THC separation solution + 1 year free maintenance service: suited for a daily processing rate of 0.5~1kg* Crude Oil, with 95% recyclable solvent
  • MegaChrome-33L + CBD purification & THC separation solution + 1 year free maintenance service: suited for a daily processing rate of 3~6kg* Crude Oil, with 95% recyclable solvent
  • MegaChrome-100L + CBD purification & THC separation solution + 1 year free maintenance service: suited for a daily processing rate of 9~18kg* Crude Oil, with 95% recyclable solvent

*The actual processing volume depends on the production quality and methods of the source Crude Oil.

Key Advantages

Pros Cons
aphy Column
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Poor purity
  • Low yield
  • high purity
  • High initial cost
  • Expensive filler
  • consumable free
  • high purity
  • Small Eqmt.
        Low yield
  • Small Eqmt. Low yield
  • Difficult to clean
Fulltrum HSCCC
  • Consumable free
  • Large Eqmt.
        High yield
  • Large Eqmt. High yield
  • Easy to clean


Chromatogram of hemp crude oil separation by Fulltrum HSCCC System

It can be seen from the figure that CBD and other effective components are perfectly separated from THC



Key Parameter
  • Eqmt. Dim.: 4,000 * 2,000 * 1,200 mm
  • Control cabinet Dim.: 4,000 * 2,000 * 1,200 mm
  • Power (watts): 18KW (estimated)
  • Elect. Src.: 380V @ 50/60 Hz
  • 240V to 380V transformer needed in USA
  • Eqmt. Lifetime (hrs): 2,000
  • Working Temp. : 15-40 ± 0.5 ℃
  • Cooling: water cooled motor
  • Eqmt. Net Weight (kg):2,100 (estimated)
CBD Crude Oil Processing Capabilities
  • Per run: 450g ~ 900g (approx.)
  • Per day: 9kg ~ 18kg (approx.)
  • Solvent consumption per run: 200L(approx., recyclable)
  • Solvent consumption per day: 4,000L(approx., recyclable)


Key Parameter
  • Eqmt. Dim. : 1,000 *1,050 * 1,100 mm
  • Control cabinet Dim. : 860 * 1,100 * 1,620mm
  • Power (watts): 6KW
  • Elect. Src. 1: 220V /16A@ 50/60 Hz
  • Elect. Src. 2: 220V /10A@ 50/60 Hz
  • 110V to 220V transformer needed
  • Eqmt. Lifetime (hrs): 2,000
  • Cooling: Air Conditioner
  • Eqmt. Net weight (kg): 420 (estimated)
CBD Crude Oil Processing Capabilities
  • Per run: 30g ~ 50g (approx.)
  • Per day: 0.5kg ~ 1kg (approx.)
  • Solvent consumption per run: 15L(approx.,recyclable)
  • Solvent consumption per day: 300L(approx.,recyclable)


Equipment volume 300ml 500ml 1L
Max sample volume 20ml 30ml 100ml
Separation speed 400~1200rpm 400~1200rpm 400~1200rpm
Max flow rate 0.1~100ml/min 0.1~100ml/min 0.1~200ml/min
Max separation flow rate 0.1~50ml/min 0.1~50ml/min 0.1~50ml/min
Max cleaning flow rate 0.1~100ml/min 0.1~100ml/min 0.1~200ml/min
Pressure limit 5Mpa 5Mpa 5Mpa
Tube 316L Stainless Steel 316L Stainless Steel 316L Stainless Steel
Centrifugal force >110g >110g >110g
Temperature 15~40℃,±0.5℃ 15~40℃,±0.5℃ 15~40℃,±0.5℃
Temp. control method Air conditioner Air conditioner Air conditioner

HSCCC Technique Overview

High Speed Counter Current Chromatography (HSCCC) is a new form of highly efficient support-free liquid-liquid partition chromatographic technique. It utilizes multilayer coil cylinder and through the high-speed planetary rotating motion that creates asymmetric centrifugal force field to provide high-efficient mixture, partition and storage of biphasic solvent, to form continuous solvent extraction, thus achieving high-efficient separation of solutes of different dissolution partition coefficient in that biphasic solvent.

HSCCC uses liquids as the stationary phase to achieve the full recovery of the separated products at high purity. Compared with the solid-liquid separation, the liquid-liquid is not an elution process, but rather a countercurrent penetration process. Unlike in solid-liquid separation, solute molecules of liquid-liquid separation can penetrate the stationary phase that encompass the entire volume inside the processing device as opposed to only adsorb to the surface of the stationary phase, thus greatly improving the sample volume size of stationary phase and as well as increasing (by several times) the processing capability of a single sample separation run. This method will cut down the consumption of expensive solid fillings and solvent, lower the separation and purification costs significantly while simultaneously reducing the environment pollution produced by the usage of organic solvent.

About Fulltrum


Fulltrum founders started the development of HSCCC techniques


First generation of rotation seal based HSCCC system was developed


First 1L HSCCC solution was shipped to GSK Lab in U.S.

1L equipment at GSK


300ml equipment successfully separated and purified EPA/DHA in Guangzhou analytical test center


First Superchrome-5L automation system deployed in Qinghai, China to produce Tibetan medicine in October

Chrome-5L automation system


Superchrome-5L system deployed in Sichuan University for Magnolia components separation

Show room for 1L/5L system opened in LosAngels, U.S.

A hemp processor in California, U.S. purchased a 5L SuperChrome equipment

PDR-Separations company in the U.S. ordered a 500ml system for CBD separation test

A hemp processor in Yunnan, China has successfully separated THC and purified CBD for broad spectrum CBD oil since May

Chromatogram of THC separation

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Fulltrum team possesses over 10 years of experiences in designing and manufacturing of HSCCC solutions for botanical extraction and separation. With the unique 100L+ industrial HSCCC system, Fulltrum aims to provide quick and economical CBD/THC separation solutions to the customers. Please feel free to inquire about what we can do to help your organization grow.

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